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LGBTQ2S communities have made great strides over the past decades in the fight for our rights, dignity and respect. From the streets to the courthouse, at the workplace and at the ballot box, LGBTQ2S folks stand up for what is fair.

There is a lot at stake for our communities this federal election

With queer and trans rights under increasing attack around the world and with rising levels of hate and prejudice in Canada we can not become complacent about the freedoms we have won.  We need a federal government who will advance policies that support LGBTQ2S communities, not rollback our hard-fought gains.

There is still so much more to be done

Healthcare. Housing. Immigration.  These are just a few of the topics where the federal government can take action to reduce the discrimination and marginalization of LGBTQ2S communities face every day. That’s why we’ve put together this federal election guide on some of the most pressing issues facing our communities.  You’ll find information about topics that effect LGBTQ2S communities, policy recommendations we ask for all parties to adopt, and questions you can ask your local candidates to see if they will stand up for LGBTQ2S communities.

Take Action. Ask Questions. Vote.

Even if you don’t have an interest in politics, politics has an interest in you. Who we elect has an impact on the type of healthcare we receive, the neighbourhoods we live in, and the ability for us to live as who we are and love who we want. Canada can do better. But it is up to us to make sure that it does.

Get Involved. Vote.


Voting shouldn’t be difficult. But for some queer, trans, and two-spirit folks, it often is. We’ve put together this infographic to help you navigate the voting process.

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Justice + The Law is a Queer + Trans Issue


LGBTQ2S communities are well aware of how the legal system has been as both a tool of repression and hatred, and as an avenue for positive social change. This election, it is important that the rights and freedoms we have gotten through decades of struggle remain in place, and that parties commit to furthering LGBTQ2S equity within the justice system. Canada can do better. It is up to us to make sure that it does.

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Immigration, Refugees, and Settlement are Queer + Trans Issues

LGBTQ refugees face a unique set of challenges when navigating the complex refugee claims process. LGBTQ asylum seekers are expected to provide witness statements corroborating their sexual orientation or gender identity. To obtain such evidence is no easy task. It might endanger family members, previous partners, and asylum seekers themselves. Claimants often have language barriers and little to no understanding of Canadian legal processes.

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Healthcare is a Queer + Trans Issue

Access to free and equitable healthcare, including mental health, is a fundamental Canadian value. But for many LGBTQ2S community members, accessing the healthcare they need is made difficult because of a lack of services, provider competency, and continuing discriminatory practices.  Canada can do better. It is up to us to make sure it does.

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Housing is a Queer + Trans Issue

Canada has a housing crisis.  Skyrocketing costs in urban centres large and small have made home ownership a dream that is out of reach for many, and rental options more and more tenuous. In Toronto, the wait for subsidized housing can stretch to over a decade. With over half of Toronto’s population unable to afford a one bedroom apartment on one income,  more and more LGBTQ2S community members are falling through the cracks, finding themselves precariously housed or homeless.

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The 519 is a non-partisan organization and is not affiliated with any political party or candidate. The issues we are raising are of concern to LGBTQ2S community members and their allies. We believe that parties and candidates should take positions on these issues through their platforms, statements, and actions. We are advocating for all parties to take bold action around the issues that affect LGBTQ2S people.