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We refer 95% of our refugee clients to Legal Aid for support. No Legal Aid support for LGBTQ+ refugees means more denied claims which will lead to more persecution of queer and trans people.

Community Safety

The 519 is continuing to develop strategies and mobilization efforts that center the safety of all members of LGBTQ2S communities and respond effectively to any acts of targeted violence, hate, and discrimination.

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If you would like to be kept informed about any safety and/or community-based mobilization efforts, you can follow #ArmyOfLovers on social media, reach us at, or call our Anti-Violence team at 416-355-6792 to get connected.



The 519 and our Army of Lovers will be joining Liberation T.O. on Friday, September 6 to protest the opening of Toronto’s first Chick-fil-A store at Yonge and Bloor. The US-based company and restaurant chain is reportedly known for its anti-LGBTQ2S agenda and politics.

We invite our communities and allies to meet at The 519 [519 Church St] at 9:30am for coffee and sign-making. We will leave for the protest site at 10:00am.

It is time for hate and discrimination to #CluckOff

Every year, The 519 provides settlement support to over 1500 LGBTQ+ refugees.

Refugees who come to Canada have a history of trauma and violence, as a result of which they decide to leave their countries of origin. They continue to face intense barriers after their arrival and are often left re-traumatized in the process of claim and re-settlement. LGBTQ refugees, as part of their claims process, also have to prove their sexual orientation and/or gender identity – a truth they have often have never lived in their countries of origin due to fear of persecution and violence.

Legal Aid funding is essential to protect the rights of such a vulnerable population and to ensure that their full story is heard by a refugee decision-maker through providing access to legal representation

For many of our refugee clients, appearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board unrepresented will be catastrophic and will no doubt result in examples where queer and trans refugees will be removed from Canada and returned to their countries of origin where they may very well face imprisonment, torture or even death.

We refer over 95% of our 1500+ clients to legal aid in order to get the support they need to be successful in their claims. Cuts to Legal Aid Ontario will make it impossible for settlement service organizations like ours to provide them the critical support they need to live a life of health, happiness, and full participation.

Access to justice for queer and trans refugees. Stop the cuts to Legal Aid. Support access to justice for all marginalized communities. For more information, visit – logo of Army of Lovers – Logo of The 519 – illustration of a diverse group of people, a person wearing a hijab, a person with an afro, two people hugging.

We Need your Help.

Join our army of lovers. Stand with us and fight for the well-being of our LGBTQ2S communities.